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Cats looking ahead

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.

A lot of Panthers fans still feeling glum about Carolina’s Super Bowl performance.  It just wasn’t the game we all knew the Cats were capable of.  But cheer up.  Coach Ron Rivera says he’s already looking to Super Bowl 51, which just happens to be the same number “Keep Pounding” linebacker Sam Mills wore. 

Even quarterback Cam Newton was much more upbeat today, saying, “We will be back, and I mean that.  We will be back.”

Now that football season has ended, we turn attention to the other national pastime—politics.  Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump score primary victories in New Hampshire tonight.  While Ohio Governor John Kasich finishes second to Trump in the GOP primary.  Next up, South Carolina.  CBS will host the GOP debate from South Carolina this weekend.

Bundle up this week.  We’re already saddled with freezing weather and Eric Thomas says get ready as the mercury will dip into the teens by weekend.

Finally, Panthers tight end Greg Olsen did what he promised—shaving that season-long beard and we’ll show you the pictures.

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