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For security reasons, upgrade to Internet Explorer 11


If you click into Internet Explorer on your PC to hop onto the internet, it's time to upgrade.

We told you a while back that Microsoft would be "retiring" the Windows XP system but it is also ending its support of some versions of Internet Explorer. 

WBTV Cyber Expert and CEO of Fortalice, Inc. Theresa Payton says Microsoft stopped supporting IE 8 and 9 and in many cases 10.  That means there will be no new security patches and that impacts how safe it is to use for internet browsing.

Theresa's thoughts and advice on protecting your privacy follow:

If you have a computer that operates with Windows, your best bet is to move to IE 11, now. 

Use that opportunity to look at other options as well.  There's nothing wrong with downloading more than 1 browser to use. 

Try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  All of these are free and easy to use and you may like some of their different features.

Some people DON'T want to lose their bookmarks!  I totally understand this and I have 3 easy steps to import your bookmarks to any new browser!!!!!

Follow these steps to move your bookmarks to a new browser on the same computer:

Install Chrome and Firefox first so you can import your old IE bookmarks to those browsers and then you can install IE 11 and import your bookmarks to IE11.  It'll take less than 3 minutes to do.

1.  Open a new IE browser window and make sure that your Menu Bar (File, Edit, etc.) is visible.   Next click on File > Import and Export. Import from Another Browser and press Next.

2.  Check the box for each browser from which you’d like to import bookmarks. 

Hint:  This could take a while if you have a lot of bookmarks

3.  Select Finish when the import is complete

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