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Chocolate in the cereal aisle


A trip down the cereal aisle of your favorite grocery store is a little different these days.

Alongside the granola, the clusters, the fruit and yogurt coated and the fiber-rich cereals, is a new hot ingredient.

Chocolate is showing up in cereal brands from Chex to Cheerios and beyond.

The box covers tout vitamins and minerals and whole grains but is it possible for it to be healthy?

We asked a registered dietician at Novant Health.  Jennifer Anderson Logan says reading the labels on the side of a box is more important than reading the front of a box.

"You want to look at fiber, sugar and whole grain together.  The fiber count should be at least 3 grams, you should have 7 grams of sugar or less, and the very first word in the ingredients should be whole, as in whole grain," Logan said.

We asked her to look at several varieties of chocolate-flavored cereals on the market now and choose the "healthiest" of the bunch.  Logan didn't give any of these cereal top marks, however she did say the Chocolate Chex, while having too much sugar and not enough fiber, did do a little better than the rest.

To see more of what she had to say about these cereals and to hear her advice on cutting in the sugar in your child's cereal choices, watch the video on this page.

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