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BLOG: Mixed Emotions


Mixed Emotions.

The most exhilarating experience. Anticipation you feel down to your toes. Eighty thousand people inside one stadium for one event. You bond together despite half of you being at odds with the other half. You don’t talk to people wearing orange, but you cheer with them during the National Anthem. You stand with them during a Beyonce supershow. You feel it all as one when watching a “Walter Peyton Man of the Year” presentation. I will never, ever forget the way I felt after a thundering flyover kicked off Super Bowl 50.

And, the other side. The sense of loss.

It’s totally both.

Like many of you, I love this Panthers team. I hated to see them disappointed in themselves and to hear their reactions after the game. It was heartbreaking to watch Josh Norman after the clock wound down.

But I still believe in them. 

It was not the game anyone wanted. You can’t fake it. There’s no need to. They know it, we know it and everyone watching – one million people in the Charlotte-area alone – knows it.

But they’re still our Panthers.

They’re still our team. We’ve had way worse seasons.

As Thomas Davis put out last night on Instagram when he showed a picture of his beat up arm, “This post is not about me, or how tough I am. It’s not to shine any light on me or my injuries. Our team doctors and trainers did an amazing job giving me an opportunity to get back on the field. This post is strictly to show how much love I have for my brothers and #PantherNation. Thank you all for your support and we will #KeepPounding.” 

He said that one hour after the game. Remarkable leadership.

Please don’t take my post here as, “Better luck next year, guys!”. That’s too trite. We’re only a day removed and it’s way too early for that. It still needs to hurt a little. 

But, perspective will come. 

And as I sit here on a plane flying over Utah, I feel compelled to acknowledge that though it wasn’t even close to the game they wanted, those guys are still our home team. They really are an incredible group of players on and off-the-field. 

Win or lose, I’ll still be wearing my Panthers gear proudly.

It was an experience of a lifetime.

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