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BLOG: The unexpected happened

(Sarah Blake-Morgan | WBTV) (Sarah Blake-Morgan | WBTV)

The thing we never expected happening... Yeah... That happened.

The Carolina Panthers lost the Super Bowl.

I keep thinking how far that outcome was from any of our minds going into this game.

Charlotte was electric, Santa Clara was too. We knew the team would take home the trophy.

But fans weren't the only ones who thought that. Last night, our WBTV team sat in the lobby of our hotel and planned our our championship coverage.

Field, ceremony, locker room, fans... We had it all covered. But we never really planned out what we would do if we lost.

We were still on the field, we were still live, but there was hardly any celebration. I think our team was just as heartbroken to see this loss.

But then a little light in all this.

Sweet little Braylon Beam walked up. He admitted he cried over the outcome. But then he said "the Panthers should get a trophy for having fun."

Think about that.

The Carolina Panthers have no doubt, the most fun in the NFL. And because of that, the fans do too.

This has been an incredible season. A fun season. And although it didn't end perfectly, it was pretty dang close.

Thank you, Panthers, for taking us along on your incredible ride.

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