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BLOG: Inside Super Bowl City

The zip line in Super Bowl City. (Delano Little | WBTV) The zip line in Super Bowl City. (Delano Little | WBTV)

If you're heading out west to be a part of Super Bowl 50 festivities this weekend, a can't miss event is Super Bowl City right off Market Street.

Sure the Super Bowl might already be over before you get through the long lines and security check points, but it's still worth the effort.

Once you do get inside the city, it's quite impressive with all the national TV towers set up for countless Super Bowl preview shows. I noticed that first because I apparently work in the industry.

You will enjoy all the interactive features like the CBS Lombard Leap. Couldn't use Lombardi because of the big bad NFL rules.

I don't know who's more powerful - the NRA, the IRS or the NFL.

There's also a zip line that rivals any roller coaster ride you can imagine. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but it's pretty cool. You can refer to my Twitter page @WBTVMan to see a lot of what I'm talking about.

Plenty of stages for musical acts of all genres. So you can get your boogie on if you'd like. 

And there are plenty of food and drinks inside the city located right across the street from the famed Fisherman's Wharf, if you can.

If you can't, there's always next year when the Panthers go for two in a row!


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