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Super Bowl commercial hits and misses


Super Bowl viewing will be a little different for people living in the Charlotte area this year.

Occasionally the game itself can be secondary to the crop of Super Bowl commercials advertisers trot out.  This year, with the Carolina Panthers in the big game, more eyes will be trained on the action on the field.

Still the breaks between are a chance for advertisers to try to catch your attention.

"We don't get treated by advertisers on a daily basis the way we get treated in the Super Bowl," said John Roberts.  He's an advertising expert with Wray Ward in Charlotte.

Super Bowl commercials will cost nearly $5 million for a 30 second spot this year.  Roberts says the "golden ring" is to produce a commercial that will be something everyone is going to talk about and has some relevance to the brand being sold.

Roberts says each commercial has a target audience but also has to appeal to their "influencers" which are the people around them whose opinions matter to them.

Then, he says, advertisers hope you'll do something more this year than in years past, that being sharing the commercials you really like on your social media pages. 

"It is our nature now.  If we see something good, we share it.  Now the advertiser isn't paying for that, you're running it on your channels and helping them sell their product," Roberts said.

We sat with Roberts as he watched some of the Super Bowl spots that have already found their way to YouTube.  He said some work well and others fall victim to some of the classic advertising blunders.

Watch the story on this page to hear his take on the spots, and click the links below to see some of the commercials before they air during the Super Bowl.

Heinz Ketchup

Campbell's Chunky Soup

Avocados from Mexico

Amazon Echo

2017 Hyundai Elantra with Ryan Reynolds

Shock Top

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