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BLOG: International radical violence

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You can't be a Facebook user or viewer of network news without seeing the streams of video showing daily violence erupting on the streets of cities around the world.

Recently we've seen an unprecedented level of violence attributed to the influx of refugees inspired by radical extremism.  Much of this violence is occurring in large, prominent cities that we have all shared ideas of visiting.  Major metropolitan areas, cultured cities, in France, Germany and Belgium are some of the countries affected.

I was asked the other day if we can expect this type of mad violence to come to America.  So I asked in return, "Would we ever allow that type of violence to come to our streets in America?"

I'm not referring to incident-based protests and demonstrations that we've always seen in our country.  I'm referring to street riots induced by radical extremism and attacks against youth and women occurring virtually every day in some of the worlds most majestic cities.

I'm going to go on record here and say that I do not believe that we will allow this to occur in America.  There are many reasons why I believe this.

First, as Americans we have a tremendous sense of community in our neighborhoods.  We are still inherently proud of where we live and what we have, regardless of our zip code. 

Second, we have a local/state/national security infrastructure that will help identify and isolate overt extremism in our communities. 

And third, American law enforcement will not just stand by while this type of activity begins to form on our streets. 

If you notice, in each of these videos you see online from foreign countries, violence begins to develop with street gatherings that are allowed to fester into destruction. I can't see that happening without many of our citizens picking up their cell phones and calling 911.  And finally, I do not believe that we will ever become accepting of this type of behavior.

As a country, we're still observing and learning about this new phenomenon.  We should continue to be aware of what is happening in Europe and educate ourselves with a greater understanding that radical extremists would like nothing more than to bring this type of social unrest into our communities.  

Before this type of behavior manifests itself on our shores, we need to have a contingency in place as to how to deal with it, in our country, our cities and our neighborhoods.     

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Karl de la Guerra, PPS, CLSS

Karl de la Guerra is WBTV’s security analyst. He has spent the past 39 years in the protective services industry, with experience in military law enforcement, civilian law enforcement and international corporate security management. For more information, visit
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