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BLOG: Interesting flight to Super Bowl 50

(Delano Little | WBTV) (Delano Little | WBTV)

 Long day indeed getting out here to the Super Bowl. It all started early Wednesday morning with some of my beloved co-workers laughing at me for taking, what they determined was, too many travel bottles of the moisturizer Cetaphil on the trip.

They knew because I tweeted it from my house before I left for Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Bad decision! Ha. 

Then I proceeded to go on my connector flight from the Queen City to the Capitol City of D.C., and I thought I was in a Game of Thrones episode riding on one of, what's her name's, Dragons. Yes I binge watched it last weekend and it's an awesome show.

When I finally recovered from the bumpy flight, I had a much better one out to San Francisco where I sat next to and talked with a retired gentleman from Romania, who now lives in Ottawa, Canada. He was visiting friends in San Jose, California where he used to work for seven years when he came to America at age 58 for a career in computer technology.

I really can't make this stuff up, I promise. And by the way, he was fascinating and so nice!

Now it's on to Thursday which happens to be today! Our live coverage begins on WBTV all day long from Super Bowl 50 with Kristen Hampton this morning, Molly Grantham, Paul Cameron, Nate Wimberly and Sarah-Blake Morgan this afternoon and evening along with all of our other great journalists back in Charlotte.

Just thought I should share my  day!!


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