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BLOG: Plenty to talk about with this game!

Nate Wimberly, WBTV Sports Nate Wimberly, WBTV Sports

We're on the way to San Francisco with a stop in Washington DC, and I took at peek at the TV before boarding. I was astonished at what the talk at the Super Bowl is right now.

Remember the story from last week where Panthers QB Cam Newton was talking about being an Afro-American QB in the NFL?  Well, some in the media still want to talk about it. Come on folks, let's move on! That was last week's story. There is a big game on Sunday you know!

How about focusing on this as a match-up of the #1 scoring team in the NFL (Carolina) vs the #1 defense in the NFL (Denver)?

Or let's talk about how this is the 3rd straight year the #1 seeds entering the playoffs will meet in the Super Bowl.

How about this... the Panthers have scored 80 points in the post-season so far. So much for that weak WR corps!

Hey, here's another one: Ron Rivera is looking to become the 4th person to win the Super Bowl as a player and a coach.

As you can see, I'm ready to get to San Francisco for the big game.

But first, a 6-hour flight...


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