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VIDEO: Students sing to Panthers 'just believe and Keep Pounding'

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Some Charlotte-Mecklenburg elementary students are showing their Panthers Pride as the team prepares for its first Super Bowl in 12 years.

The students and staff at Polo Ridge Elementary School shot a video Tuesday at school with a cover of Walk The Moon's "Shut Up and Dance with Me."

"Their creativity and what they came up with Was just amazing," said Polo Ridge Elementary School Teacher Erin Watson.

Students were given 24 hours to write lyrics for a song. The next day, more than 100 students submitted them. Watson and her team used what students gave them and created the song. 

Teachers said the project taught the students a lesson.

"Things maybe challenging at first," Watson said, "But if you persevere, if you keep pounding, if you keep working, you are going to be successful - and they see that with the Panthers."

Paige Randall is another teachers who played a major role in the making of the video. She shot the video with an iPad. 

"Show all the different parts of the school," Randall said. "So we mapped out where we wanted each grade level in a different place."

Randall wanted to show Panthers players in the video, so students carried a number of each Panther.

"We wanted to represent all the Panthers," Randall said. "And kind of show they are a team, and every single one of them is important."

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The song is completely re-written with Panthers lyrics that include:

  • "Cam Newton's gonna pass, run, and lead the team. He'll score a touchdown and then we'll scream. Our D will make the fans stand to their feet. Oh, we're bound to win together, bound to win together."
  • "We'll steal the ball, they won't know how it happened. Our fans will cheer and say 'We know you won't give up, you are the greatest team. You're gonna win this game, just believe and Keep Pounding'."
  • "Deep in our hearts, you know we never doubted, you will bring this trophy home."
  • "This Super Bowl is our destiny. We cheer Lu-uu-uke, just believe and Keep Pounding."

The lyrics were submitted by the students and then teachers used the lyrics to create the song. School principal, Nizy John, says 1,080 students participated in the video, which was the brain child of 3rd grade teacher Erin Watson.

The video features students in different spots at the school along with students holding signs they made for the team and players.

Students and staff at the K-5 school are seen through the video pounding their own "Keep Pounding" drum. The school even got video from the air of students and staff spelling out "Keep Pounding."

At one point, the students sing "you are heroes on the field. You are all our MVPs. A Carolina football dream."

Ironically, the school's mascot is a pony (the Panthers are playing the Denver Broncos), but even the pony is showing its Panthers Pride!

Students said they were excited about participating in the song-writing adventure. Third grader Ameenah Rush came up with one of the catchy lines.

"We cheer LUUUKE," Rush said. "Just believe and keep pounding."

Rush told WBTV why the popular Panthers player Luke Kuechly had to get his own line.

"Whenever Luke makes a big tackle," she said, "The crowd usually says 'LUUKKE,'" the student said. "So I thought that would be a good idea to put that in the song."

The video has received more than 60,000 views on YouTube. Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera even tweeted about the school and told them they did a "great job."

"Everyone is just going crazy around here," Watson said. "That he took the time to do that."

The video ends with an enthusiastic "Keep Pounding" chant and bang on the drum from Physical Education teacher, Jason Caenepeel.

There is no word if the school will create another song if the Panthers win the Super Bowl, but teachers say if they do, the students will do another amazing job.

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