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Panthers PSL owner will cheer for Broncos Sunday

(Sharon Smith | WBTV) (Sharon Smith | WBTV)

When the Panthers beat the Cardinals to become NFC champs, the Wilson family was there. They were screaming at the top of their lungs and showing their Panthers Pride.

But now, Steve Wilson, is conflicted.

“I've been a Broncos fan 20 something years longer than I've been a Panthers fan,” he said.

Wilson will wear orange Sunday, which may seem odd, since he's also a PSL owner.

“The Panthers are obviously an exciting team. We love going to their games and cheering them on,” he said.

Wilson grew up in Denver. He and his mom have the same shared allegiance now in Charlotte. It's even affected his twin, ten-year-old boys.

One roots for the Panthers, one roots for the Broncos. However, Wilson’s wife runs blue.

It should be fun to watch when they host a Super Bowl party for all their Panthers friends. Wilson has no problem being outnumbered.

He’s all in for the orange. He’s a Clemson fan, too. The Tigers and the Broncos have been great this year. Perhaps, not the best, though.

Clemson lost in the national championship game. Now, the Broncos are close to a Super Bowl title.

If they lose, Wilson says he’ll be okay.

“I'll survive. I'll move on,” he joked.

He had to celebrate the season and take a loss when he watched the Broncos lose in person at the Super Bowl two years ago.

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