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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Leave No Campus Behind


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School is finally back in session.

Couldn't you hear some parents screaming "It's about time!"?

We did.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district was out for three whole days during the recent snow and ice storm.

The reason? The district couldn't clear all of its campuses in a timely manner.

CMS did pay attention to more than 100 of them, but left about 50 schools out.

Some parents call that unacceptable. We agree. 

What was the plan? If it was to clear the majority of campuses -- but not ALL of them -- by the second day, then CMS needs to look at that plan again.

And what are parents to expect from CMS if the Charlotte area gets hit with a much bigger snowfall?" A week off?  10 days off?

What can be done better to make sure that when another storm happens, all campuses will be treated quickly and at the same time?

CMS workers admitted more manpower was needed to get the job fully done.

The district even hired contractors to clear schools, and that still wasn't enough.

We understand canceling classes because of safety concerns.

But we don't accept the district keeping schools closed because they ran out of time and workers.

Do better CMS.  Review the plan now so that in the future, no campus will be left behind.

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