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Cooking with the Carrs - Carolina Crème Berry Waffles

Chef Anthony’s Panther Blue Waffles… Perfect for that game time brunch party, or any occasion!


Panther Blue Waffle Ingredients:

1 1/3 Cups milk

2 Tbsp. Oil

1 egg, beaten

2 Cups Bisquick or your favorite pancake mix

1 ½ Cups of powdered sugar

6 to 7 drops of blue food coloring

2 cups of blueberries (divided)

Pecans or waffles for garnish


¾ Cup plain greek yogurt

1 Cup of buttercream frosting


Pre-heat your waffle iron to medium high heat. Combine your milk, oil, food coloring and egg until well incorporated.  Add in your pancake mix and powdered sugar and mix until combined.  Fold in 1 cup of blueberries and ladle into the pre-heated waffle iron.  Cook for 3-5 minutes.  Remove from waffle iron and set aside.  Prepare the glaze by combining the greek yogurt and buttercream frosting, mix until smooth.  Drizzle glaze over prepared waffles, garnish with reserved blueberries and pecans, and enjoy!

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