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Tickets, hotels for families add layer of difficulty for Panthers

(Jeff Siner | The Charlotte Observer) (Jeff Siner | The Charlotte Observer)
CHARLOTTE, NC (Joseph Person/The Charlotte Observer) -

Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera set aside time early in the week for players to take care of ticket requests and hotel accommodations for family members.

It proved to be a more taxing endeavor for strong safety Roman Harper than 2010 when he won a Super Bowl with the Saints.

“Way worse, because I wasn’t married with kids then,” Harper said. “It’s a lot more difficult when you’ve got other people involved. I was just rolling solo dolo, whatever I wanted to do.”

Defensive tackle Dwan Edwards has five children under the age of 15, and all of them will be accompanying Edwards and his wife to San Jose. Family members are not allowed to stay with the players, so Edwards booked two additional rooms for his brood.

Edwards plans to soak up as much of the Super Bowl experience as he can while preparing for the Broncos.

“When it’s time to work it’ll be time to work,” Edwards said. “When it’s time to enjoy it, I’ll enjoy my time there with my family or teammates or whatever we have going on.”

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