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Tips for defensive driving in snow

Stay safe while driving in snow!

Brr! Temperatures have certainly dropped and the area has transformed into a winter wonderland. This winter storm has made everyday tasks and trips more difficult. Not only do you have to bundle up and layer on your clothing before you leave, but you’re also forced to check that you have a clear path to drive. Did snow block your driveway over night? Are the roads clear enough to make it to work? If you can’t manage a way to stay home or you have cabin fever and you have to head out on the roads, make sure you’ve refreshed yourself on N Charlotte safe driving tips for driving in snow!

Conquer driving in snow this winter

It felt like it would never come, but now the snow is here and it’s going to be around for a while. You may have no choice but to get behind the wheel and drive in snowy conditions. If this is new to you or it’s been awhile, you may need a refresher on safe driving in snow. Fortunately, we’ve consulted the experts at Toyota of N Charlotte and we’re sharing our best safe driving tips for driving in snow!

  • Slow down! Your N Charlotte Toyota can keep better traction when you don’t drive as fast. Traction and grip on the road allows you to stay in control of your car.
  • Brake and turn slowly. Try to avoid sudden stops and quick turns. Sudden stops can cause your tires to lock up and your car to slide.
  • Don’t stop on hills. If you’re driving up an incline, avoid stopping. If you lose the momentum your car had, there is a chance your car could lose traction and roll backward.
  • Use your headlights and windshield wipers. Visibility is crucial while driving in snow. To achieve maximum visibility, make sure your headlights are on and you are using your windshield wipers. Headlights not only allow you to see in front of you, it also allows other drivers to see your N Charlotte Toyota. Clear snow and other precipitation off of your windshield with the wipers so you can see clearly.

Don’t forget about defensive driving! While driving in snow, use defensive driving techniques. These tactics include being aware of other drivers around you and anticipating the moves of motorists. You should always keep a safe following distance between your N Charlotte Toyota and the car in front of you. Distance allows for more reaction time. With slippery conditions like snow, ice and sleet, it’s important that you watch out and are prepared for cars losing control.

Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership wants to remind you to buckle up and be safe out there! Always wear your seatbelt when you’re in the car. Use these helpful tips safe driving in snow tips to get through another snowy winter! 

If you have more questions about driving your N Charlotte Toyota safely in the snow, give us a call at (888) 883-3797!

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