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BLOG: We're going to the Super Bowl!

WE'RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL! Feels great to shout that out loud!

WBTV News is planning lots of FUN and involved stuff from California. Like... our 11pm news anchored live from there multiple days, including after the game.

In addition to myself, our Super Bowl-bound crew is:

  • Paul Cameron, WBTV News
  • Delano Little, WBTV Sports
  • Kristen Hampton, reporter and photographer
  • Sarah-Blake Morgan, reporter and photographer
  • Nate Wimberly, WBTV Sports
  • Corey Schmidt, producer

I'll blog while out there. Just little bits here and there... take you along with us... describe and show all the behind-the-scenes stuff... the crazy... the fun... the players... maybe I'll even do live videos on this page.
We're going to share it all. I can't wait.

Email me >> >> if you're going and have a great story to tell.

"WBTV: Home of Super Bowl 50." Really like how that sounds.

More to come...

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