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Only one Panthers player didn't give his TD ball to a kid and here's why


At one point during Carolina's 49-15 win over Arizona on Sunday, it looked like every kid in Bank of America Stadium was going to go home with a football, and that's because, after the Panthers score a touchdown, the player who scores has one job: Find a kid in the crowd to give the ball to.

The Panthers scored a total of five offensive touchdowns against the Cardinals, however, they only gave away four of those footballs.

The reason that happened is because wide receiver Devin Funchess had previously decided that he was going to save his touchdown ball for someone else: His grandpa.

After the Funchess scored in the fourth quarter he did a little dance.

Cam Newton then came over and it looked like he was reminding Funchess to find a kid to give the ball to.

At that point, Funchess probably told Newton he was going to keep the ball for his grandfather. Newton didn't want to disappoint the crowd, so he went to the corner of the end zone and dabbed.

In the end, everybody won. Except the Cardinals. They lost bad.

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