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Sheriff: Woman dead, husband injured after being shot in front of child

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32-year-old Myla Nicole Oaks was killed in the shooting incident. 32-year-old Myla Nicole Oaks was killed in the shooting incident.

A woman is dead, her husband has critical injuries, after deputies say they were shot Wednesday morning near their Cleveland County home. The couple's child was sitting in the car when the shooting happened.

According to the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office, the shooting happened around 7 a.m. Wednesday morning along Mann Court.

The couple had reportedly been in an ongoing dispute with a neighbor over the usage of right-of-way and property lines, according to deputies. Investigators believe the shooting occurred due to this dispute.

""It's unfortunate if we determine that that is the cause folks are saying. It's unfortunate that we're to the point and time that we're having people having to get shot and killed over a piece of property," said Captain Joel Shores with the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say as the shooting happened, a school bus pulled up at the scene. The middle school boy jumped on the bus, told the driver his father had just been shot. The driver then slammed the doors shut, with the boy safely on board, and drove away, according to investigators.

Officials went to the school to ask the young boy questions about the shooting.

Investigators later identified the victims as 32-year-old Myla Nicole Oaks and her husband Jeffrey Oaks.

Roy Blackmon, a neighbor living next to the shooting scene, said he heard the tragic events unfolding.

"I went and got my wife up and she got up and we called 9-1-1 and the next thing I know we heard shooting," explained Blackmon.

He said he heard five gunshots go off and knew something bad had happened.

"Well I know somebody got hurt. It wasn't good," said Blackmon. "I think it's sad, sad that neighbors can't settle their arguments and disagreements."

According to deputies, Robert Bridges was arrested and later charged with first degree murder.

Court documents paint a better picture of the alleged ongoing dispute between the neighbors. Documents show Bridges was previously accused of pointing a gun at Myla Oaks and assaulting her husband. Documents also show Bridges accused Oaks and her husband of communicating threats towards him.

The Highway Patrol Accident Reconstruction Team will come out to the scene to investigate the two vehicles involved at the incident.

Bridges is expected to appear before a judge in court Thursday morning.

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