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Foothills bracing for snow, ice ahead of storm


Communities in the foothills aren't sure what the forecasted winter storm will dump on them. Several inches of snow, and, or a thick coating of ice could lead to an interesting Friday.

That's why residents rushed to stores to buy what winter equipment and supplies they could find.

"They're panicking," said Karen Ford of Lowe's in Lenoir. "They are panicking."

Workers say snow shovels sold out quickly. Then again, so did a lot of other items.

"My ice melt is gone," Ford said. "The sleds are gone. My kerosene heaters are gone. My propane heaters are gone."

People in the foothills are used to extreme wintry weather staying up in the mountains. This time, it may land on their doorstep.

"Hoping for snow than ice of course for obvious reasons - the power lines, down trees" said Steve Miller, of Hickory Department of Public Works.

It's been years since the foothills has seen the type of weather that's in the forecast. Road crews did the typical prep work. Plows are waiting to go, and salt is at the ready.

"The tricky part will be the ice," Miller said. "If it starts as freezing rain then the roads become a lot slicker before we are able to get equipment out there."

Wilma Brewer didn't want to take a chance with the ice. She picked up the last bag of ice melt at Lowe's.

"I just bought some de-icer," she said. "Just a little bit because our sidewalk is in the shade."

Another customer waited for a delivery truck to bring another shipment of shovels.

"To shovel our pathway to the barn to our animals if we're getting as much snow as they're saying we could get" she said.

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