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BLOG: Are you ready for the big one?


Are you ready for the big one? 

If you live in the mountains, it’s coming your way! For those in the high country, this will be an all snow event. Snow will be moving in Thursday evening/night, continuing through Friday and finally moving out on Saturday. The snow could be heavy at times. You can see the totals – 10-20”! 

For the rest of us, it isn’t as cut and dry. Many of us will be below freezing through most of the event. So why won’t it be all snow? Warm air (and by “warm”, I mean just barely above freezing) will work in above the surface. When snow falls through air that is above freezing, it melts. Once a snowflake melts, there’s no turning back. It can never go back to being a snowflake.

Since the air at the surface is below freezing, it will either freeze on contact (freezing rain) or refreeze as sleet. There has to be a thicker layer of below freezing air to turn to sleet. That’s the dilemma on Friday…

For  many of us outside of the mountains, “warm” air above the surface will work in. There will likely be sleet for a while in the foothills and freezing rain/sleet for the rest of us closer to Charlotte. Obviously, freezing rain is the worst case scenario. It’s dangerous and not even fun for the kids to play in.  Plus, no one likes a power outage!

Friday evening/night, we should all start to see snow. That’s why there could be snow accumulations as far south as Charlotte. 

It will all be moving out of here on Saturday as the system exits the Carolinas. 

The best news I can give you? We should finally be dry for the Panthers’ game on Sunday! #KeepPounding

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