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Human trafficking victims undergo 'brain training' to heal

Lanie George Lanie George

When you walk into the home of Lanie George and her husband, Andy, you're immediately met with walls filled with Lanie's inspirational artwork. There are quotes about the power of God’s love in healing.
The home is a safe haven for women rescued from sex trafficking. Women are brought to Lanie’s home to begin the healing process. Their new life starts the minute they walk through the front door. 

They are no longer held captive, no longer sex slaves. But starting over isn't that easy. These are women who have anxiety, extreme fear their former pimps will find them, fears they will be killed or their families will be harmed. Simple tasks like sleeping are, at times, impossible. 
"I was his money," said Joy, a survivor of sex trafficking. 
We will only identify Joy by her first name to protect her. She says nightmares were common after her rescue, nightmares the pimp would find her and kill her.

She overcame those fears, she says, mostly with the help of Lanie George. In fact, George's organization "Redeeming Joy" is named after Joy.

Part of breaking through that fear and healing is understanding why the women think and feel the way they do. 

That is where New Mentality, PC comes in. The women learn how to exercise and train their brains. The organization's website says it's sometimes called "brain training." George says in a way it is.

The patient can actually see their brain activity on a computer screen and learn how to retrain their thoughts, and create brain activity that ultimately leads to a healthier life, according to New Mentality.

George says her organization has seen great success through this "brain training." That's because the women can see for themselves why they are feeling the way they are. Joy says it was critical in her rehabilitation.

"It's retraining my brain so I'm not on such high alert all the time. It helps me sleep so much better at night. I have more logical and wise thinking/decision making, versus emotional and traumatic thinking/decision making," says Joy.

She also acknowledges that she is sometimes tired after the session because her brain works so hard. Still, she says, it helps a great amount with panic attacks and PTSD.

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