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BLOG: Could it be any colder? Why yes...


We have really cold air coming into the Carolinas this week. Highs on both Monday and Tuesday will not make it to 40°. Tuesday morning’s low will be in the mid teens and Wednesday morning’s low will be close to 20°.

For the highest elevations, you also have to add in the wind. Gusts could be up to 45 mph so there is a Wind Chill Advisory in effect for Avery, Ashe and Watauga County until noon on Tuesday because it could feel as cold as -10°!

That’s pretty cold – especially since we just came out of a very mild December. That makes it hurt even more. But is this really as cold as it seems? Here are some stats that I think might make you feel a little better. (maybe not warmer but better)

Coldest temp in NC:

Mt Mitchell -34° January 21, 1985

Coldest Charlotte temp

We hit -5° three times

  • January 21, 1985
  • February 14, 1899
  • December 30, 1880

Remember the Polar Vortex? It made for quite a story. Remember the crazy cold temps the first few days of 2014? They were much colder than our temps today and tomorrow. The cold air also lasted longer. Here are the numbers for Charlotte:

  • January 3 – 21°\36°
  • January 4 – 15°\36°
  • January 5 – 33°\42°
  • January 6 – 12°\44°
  • January 7 – 6°\26°

This one may not make you feel better about things. It was milder this time last January. I threw in the 20th too, just because I’m dreaming of a high of 66°…

Last year:

  • 18 – 26°\41°
  • 19 – 33°\55°
  • 20 – 30°\66°

We should be back to the 40s on Wednesday and the 50s on Thursday so just bundle up a little longer. Spring will be here before you know it!

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