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New year, new station secret: David Whisenant


This one is awesome! It’s about your friend and mine – David Whisenant. I sent him an email asking about his secret. What was your favorite pet? Molly, a Brittany Spaniel. What was your first job? A country music DJ for WRDX (now 106.5 The End) How did you meet your wife? “In a hot tub on a retreat of Baptist Student Union leadership when I was a junior at Appalachian State”.

Let’s go with that one.

David is from Salisbury and his wife Jtan is from Taylors, SC. They had been in the Baptist Student Union together but it’s a big organization.

While he had seen and wanted to meet her, their paths just hadn’t crossed. Then they were both on a leadership retreat somewhere outside of Boone.

They were at a pastor’s house and he had a hot tub. Everyone was getting in so they did too. He made sure he got to sit beside her and they finally got to chat.

He said it was a God thing. He knew that night he was going to marry her like he’s never known anything before.

She didn’t.

32 years later, it’s safe to say he was right.

They went on a date and he thought it went well but she needed a little more convincing.

He didn’t give up because he knew he was supposed to marry her. It was a few months before they went out again. The cowboy hat picture is actually their second date. It was another BSU function. (They didn’t always dress like that.)

They announced to the BSU they were dating. I imagine there was cheering, even though David didn’t actually tell me there was. J

They got married 8 months later. I thought that sounded fast. He said it really wasn’t to him, since he had known it would happen for months!

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