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Tips for keeping up with car fluid maintenance

Master car fluid maintenance with our tips!

car fluid maintenance tips car fluid maintenance tips
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Are you looking forward to a smooth year with no bumps or curves in the road? One way to prevent a year with obstacles is to catch up and keep up with car fluid maintenance. You may not realize it, but there are a lot of fluids flowing through the workings of your car, keeping it running smoothly. A lot of these fluids need to be checked, drained and replaced routinely! To help you get through 2016 without a hitch, use our Charlotte auto service center’s car fluid maintenance tips!

Car fluid maintenance is easy!

Do you know what kind of fluids run through your vehicle? Do you know when they need to be serviced? If not, our Charlotte Toyota service techs are here to help! Get our best car fluid maintenance tips here!

Motor Oil

One of the most important car fluid maintenance tip to keep in mind is to change the motor oil! Oil circulates through your engine, keeping its moving parts moving! Over time, oil begins to thicken and get gritty. This consistency is bad for your engine! If you neglect getting oil changes, your engine will eventually seize up and cease to work. To avoid this, have a routine oil change in Charlotte done every 5,000 to 6,000 miles!

Brake Fluid

Your braking system is one of the more complex systems that make up your car. One component of your car brake system is the brake lines filled with brake fluid. Typically, brake fluid should be flushed and replaced every 20,000 to 30,000 miles. This is a great way to ensure your hydraulic brakes will stop your car when you need them to!


Your car’s engine gets really, really hot. Fortunately, your car has a radiator that keeps it cool and keeps your car running. Circulating through your radiator is a fluid called coolant! Your car needs a consistent level of coolant to prevent your car from overheating. You should regularly check your car’s coolant level. If it is too low, you can fill it up yourself or have our Charlotte Toyota service technicians fill it up for you!

Washer Fluid

Visibility is the key for safe driving. You want to have a clean and clear windshield while driving, so it’s important you make sure you have functional windshield wipers and a full reservoir of washer fluid! Frequently check the level of washer fluid in your car. You don’t want to be stuck with schmutz on your windshield you can’t get off! 

Get topped off at our Charlotte Toyota Service Center!

If you’re not sure what car fluid maintenance your vehicle needs, we can help! Just bring your car into our auto service center in Charlotte to have our Toyota service experts inspect it. Our professionally-trained technicians will check all the fluids in your vehicle to make sure they are tiptop shape!

Kick off the start of 2016 with a smooth ride! To schedule an appointment at our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte for car fluid maintenance, give us a call at (888) 378-1214!

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