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Stopping unexpected in-app purchases


Perhaps by now you have broken in some of the new devices you received as gifts over the holidays.  Or, perhaps, you've been unable to pry those new smart phones, tablets, and gaming systems from your children's hands.

A lesson learned the hard way is proof you need to have control over how those devices are used.

A dad in England realized a little too late that his child had racked up a $5,000 bill with the Apple app store by unknowingly making in-game purchases on his dad's iPad.  He knew his dad's Apple ID.

We talked to our cyber security expert and CEO of Fortalice Solutions, Theresa Payton, and asked how to prevent that happening to you.  Theresa's advice follows:


1.  Tie your app store purchases to a pre-paid gift card and when it runs out you can reload it

2.  You can also Enable Touch ID for all's not foolproof as you can trick these at times but it works most of the time

3.  Ask kids to play games in Airplane mode which can stop them from making purchases

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