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Jackpot winning a curse?

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.

By the time you read this, the Powerball Jackpot numbers will be drawn shortly.  Winning $1.5 Billion dollars is more money than most towns have in their yearly budgets.  And sometimes, winning is a curse.  We’ve got the story of people who’ve blown it all quickly and then died penniless.

Not only has Sunday’s NFL Playoff game between Seattle and Carolina been declared an “extraordinary event” by the city, it was also deemed “Panthers Pride” month by new Mayor Jennifer Roberts.  To underscore the event, the city has erected a large “Keep Pounding” banner flying over Romare Beardan Park uptown.

My weekly Crime Stoppers report tells the story of a husband and father shot dead one afternoon in front of his home.  When a gun was pointed at him, his last words were, ‘no, not here, my daughter’s in the house.’   That 14-year old daughter had to watch her father gunned down in cold blood.  Now the family and police are pleaded for someone to come forward with information.

Starbucks coffee shop in Dilworth will be the first in the state to start selling beer and wine.  They’ll call it, “Starbucks Evenings.”

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