Crime Stoppers: Family in agony wants answers in unsolved murder

Plea for answers in unsolved murder

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Four months ago, a murder in broad daylight left a Charlotte family in agony. Police say they are sure they can solve the mystery, if only someone in-the-know would come forward.

This murder happened last September. The victim, known as "A-B," was 42-year old Anthony Barbour, a husband and a father, shot dead one sunny fall afternoon in the same neighborhood he grew up in.

"I think the surprising thing for me, it wasn't a rainy day, it wasn't dark, this was 4 p.m. right in front of this man's house," said CMPD Detective Corey Berman.

Berman says a burgundy vehicle circled the block twice, then stopped in front of Barbour. A tall black male with dreadlocks got out. They argued, then Barbour took a bullet to the chest.

"His last words were, 'naw, man, my daughter's in the house.' So he had to see the gun, he had to know what was coming that his daughter was in the house," said Barbour's sister Tammy Legette.

She said after getting shot, her brother went across the street to a neighbor's house, to shield his daughter.

"Obviously, it's something a 14-year-old should never have to see," Legette said.

Detective Berman knows a lot about the case, but without witnesses, he can't say why Barbour was killed.

Barbour's sister put his loss to the entire family in perspective.

"He was our family, he was our heart, he was our love, he was my only brother."

The family doesn't know why he got killed - they're in the dark, left aching and badly damaged.

"They took his life. If anyone has information, pass it on to police - that's all we ask," Legette said. "You can make a call to Crime Stoppers, you can go online to Crime Stoppers, you can text Crime Stoppers. So please, please, please, someone."

The family's tearful plea for information has so far fallen on deaf ears. They believe there are people who know, but are afraid to come forward.

Barbour survived a heart attack just four month prior to his murder.

If you know anything about the case, call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

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