#TeamNOSugar 2016: Week 2!

#TeamNOSugar 2016: Week 2!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Maaaaaan, I went into Week 2 feeling SO good about this first round of #TeamNOSugar for 2016.

Down 5lbs? Check.

Survived the first 7 days w/o crazy headaches or cravings? Check!

Kickin' butt and taking names in the gym? Check.

Discover yummy, new recipes? Check!

And then I got on the scale early this morning (Wednesday) before my weekly 6am boot camp with my trainer. I realize now, a terrible mistake.

For the people who say, 'I don't weigh myself' – good for you. Getting on the scale regularly (once a week for me) is a must. It's my thing. You have to find yours.

Well, that and taking progress pics, measuring myself (monthly) and seeing how my clothes fit.

But back to the scale. It had gone UP. Just 3lbs - but for some reason - it was enough to just set me off.

So much, I almost didn't make it to workout. Almost. I was that discouraged.

Yes, me. Even after three years of #TeamNoSugar and seeing the scale move up and down plenty of times, there was just SOMETHING about this time.

Here I am - eating clean, hydrating like it's going outta style, working out annnnnnnd not cheating! You gotta be kidding me!!

I tried to put it out of my mind and went to work out, anyway.

Because of course, you always feel better after a good sweat fest.

And sure enough, I did feel better.

But. (There's always a but).

I still couldn't get this morning's weigh-in out of my mind.

And then my sister (God bless her!) sent me this text right before the 4pm show ended: "Looking great sis!"

I followed it with a polite, "thanks sissy!" before I launched into a rant, venting my frustrations.

Several text messages later, my sister began to calmly remind me of all the things I know when it comes to the (seemingly) constant battle of the bulge:

"You just started back clean eating. The scale will start moving in the right direction. Give it time."

"It's a marathon not a sprint."

"You've lost the weight before and you will again."

"Give your body time to show the results."

"Don't get defeated."

Then - I started to realize a few things. Things that show just how much my life has changed since I started #TeamNOSugar.

Things the old Brigida wouldn't have done before getting really serious about her health.

She would have totally bailed on this morning's workout.

I didn't.

She would have also proceeded to eat her feelings; looking for any carbs in the house (like the box of Krusteaz Belgian Waffle Mix in the fridge).

I didn't.

She would have been so plagued by self-doubt; beating herself up that the whole 'eating your feelings' thing would have continued ALL day long. And likely for the next few days.

I didn't.

She would have quit.

I won't.

The point? Sometimes it takes a weigh-in (or temptation) like this to show you're what you're really made of.

To remind you that this is NOT easy. Changing your lifestyle is HARD.

If it was easy there wouldn't be one overweight, obese or even slightly husky person out there.

To see if you really want this as bad as you say you do.

Decisions are easy. Commitment is where the REAL change is born.

I'm committed to this for life – not just for 30 days at a time. That means there will be tough times, setbacks and moments of weakness.

But you only truly fail at this if you give up.

And I'm no quitter.

So – how committed are YOU?

**Editor's Note: Please consult with your doctor before staring any new health and wellness plan.**