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Toll vote

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.

Charlotte City Council is close to voting yes to a toll lane strategy. It now goes to the regional transportation organization for a final vote next week.

Did you hear about the would-be bank robbers who were foiled by double doors? Two men and one woman, all wearing surgical masks, tried to get through two sets of doors, not knowing the inner doors won’t open until the outer doors are closed. When bank employees spotted them trying to get in, they locked up and the three geniuses are now on the run.

You may have heard about the jewelry thieves across the southeast. A young man and woman stole millions from jewelry stores, including robbing a store in Mebane, NC. Tonight, the story of how the FBI tracked down the 24-year old woman and her accomplice.

There’s been a rash of gun store break-ins around the Charlotte area—the latest—this weekend in Statesville. Thieves got away with 24 handguns and 2 assault rifles.

A convicted rapist breaks down in tears after his victim talks about the assault and forgiveness. She says she doesn’t want revenge. He will serve the next 20 years in prison.[CP1]

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