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Not interested in Powerball? Other amazing things $2 can buy


In the grand scheme of things, millions of people right now are spending millions of dollars on what will amount to worthless pieces of paper. 

Each Powerball tickets costs $2 and for that price, you can get a lot more than a worthless piece of paper. 

I went out to find some other fun things you could spend your money on.

Granted, a case full of 12 packages of Ramen noodles won’t ever turn into $1.4 billion, but it will keep you fed for a week.

Two American flags on wooden sticks, two ice cream cones from McDonald’s, and two packs of Kleenex tissue will all cost you the same amount of money as that Powerball ticket.

“I’m still getting a ticket,” one woman said at the Shell station on Freedom Drive - which is totally fine, but it likely won’t be worth as much during an ice storm as the two ice scrapers we got at Walmart. 

A ticket that has a 1 in 292 million chance at winning you $1.4 billion? Or a package of pink foam hair curlers? Only one of those options is guaranteed to make you cuter.

A box of sidewalk chalk could be hours of fun for the whole family, or maybe just a few minutes worth of fun if you press down really hard, but it’s still only $2.

All of these things are guaranteed. Once you buy them, they’re yours. A Powerball ticket is only worth the dream of striking it rich which, come to think of it, might be only slightly more fun than two tubes of Chapstick. 

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