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Potential data breach of voter information


Thank goodness for good-guy hackers.

An ethical hacker, who looks for data that needs to be protected as a hobby,  is now working with law enforcement to assist them in investigating a data breach he exposed.

It involved voter data dating back as far as 2000.  The information included voter names, phone numbers, home addresses, dates of birth, political parties, whether they voted in the primary or general elections going back to 2000, gender and other personal details.

WBTV Cyber Expert and CEO of Fortalice Solutions, Theresa Payton, says even though this is information publicly available if you ask for it, you usually have to jump through hoops.  In this case all of this information was in one very accessible spot.

Theresa's concerns and advice follow:

Here's the problem - even though it's public it's usually not all in one handy, dandy place to use for identity theft and social engineering.

We still don't know the owner of the data or the reason for the leak.


They could pose as a pollster or almost anyone.  They don't have your SSN but they have your name, address, date of birth, party affiliation and more. 

Be extra vigilant about checking the credit bureaus to see if credit has been applied for in your name.

If someone calls you, and you did not contact them first,  do your homework to make sure they are who they say they are before you provide them with further information about you.  Until we know more, be very wary of ANY solicitations where the person contacts you first, even if they know a lot about you.

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