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Panthers fans save 42 tons of trash from landfill


It’s a statistic Jake Wilson, the Executive Director of Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful, is proud of. Thanks to recycling efforts at Carolina Panthers home games, the county has saved more than 42 tons of waste from going to local landfills. 

“We’ve already managed over the 7 years of this program to fill the stadium with the recycling materials we’ve taken out,” said Wilson. 

That means the bowl of Bank of America Stadium could be filled to the brim with all the bottles, cans, boxes and containers that have been diverted to a recycling facility.

The program is on course this year to generate more than 50 tons of recyclables, thanks to volunteers and fans who take advantage of the yellow bags passed around tailgating lots. 

“We average about twelve or thirteen volunteers a game, they’re a great part of it,” Wilson said.

Volunteers collect the yellow bags once tailgaters have entered the stadium. This year, Wilson says, the two home playoff games could mean record setting numbers for the recycling program. 

If the Panthers get to play both games at home, Wilson says the program will top 50 tons collected in parking lots during the season. 

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