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Man proposes to girlfriend at Panthers game after overcoming rough year


It’s one of those proposals that makes your eyes leak when you watch. Sunday afternoon, right there in the middle of a crowded stadium full of screaming Panthers fans, Jonah Bamel got down on his knee and asked his girlfriend, Danielle Pardue to marry him. 

Well, he didn’t actually say the words, he just looked at her and smiled. Danielle only barely noticed the water on her shoe that Jonah kicked over when he was getting down on his knee. 

“I don’t even think I said yes, I just nodded vigorously,” Danielle said. 

The proposal is certainly one to remember, but when you know the story behind the couple, you’ll only consider their recent engagement even more sweet. 

Earlier in 2015, Danielle was all set to move to New York to be with her beau when life threw a wrench in the plans. Danielle’s mother was diagnosed with cancer.

"In March of this year it was diagnosed as a very rare form of lung cancer called spindle cell carcinoma and already at stage 4 when it was found,” Danielle said.

Jonah offered nothing but support when she told him the plans to start their life would have to wait. She’s spent the last year as an advocate for her mother. 

"I've known her for a long time and I knew that she was the one for me and that this was something she needed to see through and needed to be there for," Jonah said. "And I needed to be there for her."

Danielle grew up at Panthers games. Her parents were personal seat license (PSL) owners and the family went to almost every home game. 

Sunday at the Panthers' last regular season game, Jonah knew the time was right.

He signed up to have Danielle’s name put on the video ticker at the stadium. “Will you marry me?” appeared at the end of the first quarter, to a thunderous applause.

Danielle finally did end up saying yes.

"2015 had our number and threw us for a loop - and I'm grabbing 2016 by the reins and I'm making something else out of it," Jonah said.

Danielle’s mother is receiving a new treatment for her lung cancer and is doing well. 

She’s probably doing even better now, knowing the kind of man her daughter said “yes” to.

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