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Charlotte businesses embracing 'home field advantage' in Panthers' playoffs


After days of rain and 120 minutes of football action last week between NFL and NCAA play, fixing the turf at the Bank of America Stadium remains a major priority after the Carolina Panthers secured home field advantage in the NFL playoffs.

Head coach Ron Rivera says groundskeepers are on the case.

"The nice thing is we'll have a whole extra week for the field to be fixed. I know they're gonna go ahead and lay the sod down," Rivera said. "I think they're doing that right now."

Websites connected to major hotels in uptown Charlotte show most rooms the night before the January 17th playoff game are gone. One exception with limited space we found was the Dunhill Hotel where the asking price for a single room is nearly $600.

Success for the Panthers on the field is offering a shrewd lesson in economics.

Michael Smith is the president of Charlotte Center City Partners.

"It says we need more hotel rooms, and luckily we've got 2,100 hotel rooms that are either under construction or planned."

It's not just high dollar hotel rooms with soaring rates, tickets for the big game are being hawked for as much as $5,000

"We think this is football. This is more than football," Smith said. "This is city building. The NFL is an incredibly powerful engine."

Phone lines were loaded at the WFNZ Dog House across the street from Bank of America Stadium. That's where former Panther Frank Garcia sized up the plus side of having home field advantage.

"It's security. It's confidence, “Garcia said. "It's having your familiar surroundings. It's having your fans.”

However, the fans still waiting for an opponent.

The Panthers will take on a winner from the upcoming Wild Card Weekend in the Divisional Round.

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