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Charlotte couple shares expert information on using Linkedin to advance career

Saturday morning, Ira and Linda Bass, with Connect to Success, stopped by to share advice about LinkedIn, which is a tool they said you can use to find new success in 2016.

Based in Charlotte, Connect to Success is a division of IB Media LLC. IB Media is a company that provides media planning and buying services to ad agencies and marketers around the country.

Connect to Success wasn’t a planned venture; it started organically after Linda and Ira Bass used LinkedIn to secure several multi-million dollar accounts for IB Media. After using LinkedIn to such great effect, Linda and Ira thought other people could benefit from their experience.

After some research, they realized that while a lot of people (over 400 million currently) were on LinkedIn, most weren’t close to being aware of everything that LinkedIn could do for them. This powerful opportunity generator was being severely underutilized. They started Connect to Success to empower business professionals and companies with the tools to grow through the use of LinkedIn.

Here are three tips they shared on WBTV News Saturday Morning.

1.   Freshen Up Your LinkedIn Profile to Look More Professional (Engaging Head shot & Optimized Headline)

2.   Tell Your Story – LinkedIn is not a Resume’, it’s Your Digital Portfolio. Why are you passionate about what you do?  Back it up with examples of your work.

3.   Spend just 30 minutes each day: Review who’s Viewed Your Profile, monitor invitations to connect, read your homepage feed and share an article with your network. There's opportunities around every corner. You need to take the time to uncover them.

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