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Victims ID'd, two men shot in north Charlotte


The two victims in a north Charlotte shooting were identified Friday evening.

Police say Donald Hicklin Jr, 23, and Warren Caldwell Jr., 24, were seriously injured when they shot at each other on New Year's Day.

According to MEDIC, two people were treated for injuries after a shooting along West WT Harris Boulevard and Statesville Road. That's near Northlake Mall. Both were taken to Carolinas Medical Center.

Police say the men knew each other and the shooting stemmed from an argument.

Three people were involved in the incident according to Captain Ken Schul with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Schul said all three were riding in the same vehicle when the incident happened along the side of the road.

"Right now, we're not sure who shot who," the captain explained.

Schul said some CMPD officers were at a nearby restaurant eating when the shooting happened, and they responded to the scene. He said one of the officers used a tourniquet to help one of the bleeding victims.

"Thank goodness officers were seconds away. That stopped somebody from probably being killed,” Schul explained.

Several people were eating at a nearby Bob Evans restaurant when the shooting happened. Russ Pitsul, one of the customers, said he and his friend saw someone running around suspiciously right before the shooting. He said someone then came in to the restaurant and alerted them to the gunfire. 

"Someone comes in, they say there was like three gunshots, so we rush outside and we look at the car and there’s cops everywhere,” said Pitsul.

Michael Farmer, another customer at Bob Evans, said he heard loud bangs while he was eating, but thought the noise was coming from a car accident.

"I heard a noise and looked back toward the intersection. It sounded like boom, boom,” explained Farmer.

Pitsul saw some of the aftermath himself.

"There was a guy and he was just bloody everywhere. His shirt was drenched and then another guy was getting revived by the other police officers," Pitsul explained.

The shooting investigation continued for hours Friday afternoon, until the vehicle the subjects had been riding in was towed away. Traffic in one lane of Statesville Road was also temporarily blocked near the intersection where the shooting happened. 

“It just blows your mind when you think about the things that happen around you every day,” said Farmer.

Trae Long is a football coach in the area and said it’s disturbing that the recent shootings have happened in public areas around the busy holiday season.

 “Its crazy that we keep having to see this,” Long continued. “Those are public places and its kids and families that are affected by that because holiday time, that’s not something that your kids and family need to be a part of and witness.”

People who live in the area say they’ve seen more police since the mall shooting.

Kiara McFadden questioned why anyone would try to end a fight with a bullet.

“Back in the day if we ain’t like each other, we used to fight. We didn’t used to like pull out guns and stuff like that, but fighting, none of that is the issue, it’s not going to resolve anything,” McFadden said.

Both of those gunshot victims had to be taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries.

CMPD said charges in the case are pending.

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