BLOG: It’s time for #TeamNOSugar 2016!

Time for #TeamNOSugar 2016!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's time to reboot #TeamNOSugar for 2016, folks. We've been in a "maintain don't gain" mindset during the holidays. But we're on the backside of the holidays now so it's time stop the over-indulging and get back on the straight and narrow.

I for one - am looking forward to getting back at it! No more being sluggish, bloated and just blah in general. Ready to fill light, tight and full of energy again!

As promised – guidelines are included in this blog. You can see them along the left side.

And folks – they're just that. Guidelines.

This is what works for ME.

I'm simply sharing in hopes of showing someone it CAN be done! Doing alllllll of this may not work for you - and THAT's OK. Ultimately, you gotta do what works for you!

But know that your results may vary.

It's all about how dedicated you are. How badly you want it.

It starts with your mental. If you're not ready to flip the switch – then you will likely run out of steam before the first 7 days are up.

But even if you slip – don't throw in the towel and hit up BoJo's or Krispy Kreme on day 3. Get right back to it!

It will be tough. You will want to quit. DON'T. It will pass. The cravings. The headaches. The crabby demeanor. It will ALL pass.

It's just your body getting rid of the sugar! Stare it down, talk yourself down off the ledge – and KEEP going.

One day at a time. Know that you got this!

Have more questions? Check out my FAQs post here.

New challenge starts Monday (as in NEXT Monday, January 4th).

30 days - no processed or added sugars.

We're in this together, folks!

#EachOneTeachOne #JoinTheMovement #ChangeYourLife

**Editor's Note: Please consult your physician before starting any health and wellness program.**