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Overnight police chase, Belk Bowl today

Good morning, Kristen Miranda here.  I'm hopeful you are off to celebrate the New Year on Thursday and Friday, which would mean you're almost done with the work week.  Let us help you get this Wednesday going....

Breaking news overnight...a police chase in east Charlotte after an armed robbery - some of the suspects are in police custody and some are not.  Our Ashton Pellom is live on the scene.

Thousands of college football fans in town to hit up today's Belk Bowl.  The event has been declared an extraordinary event by police - in order to make it as safe a day as possible.  We'll show you what that means for security as we look ahead to the big game and what it means for our city to have it here.

Brody O'Connell is following a developing story in the Alert Center this morning.  Thousands of people are stranded at the airport in Chicago because bad weather has delayed or canceled flights.  Brody will show you what it looks like at O'Hare and tell you when it looks like travel headaches might ease.

And Twitter users - there are some new rules for the social media platform that could make it a nicer place to be.

John Carter and Al Conklin will get the morning started at 4:30am.  Chris Larson, Mark Davenport, Ashton Pellom, Brody and I will join them at 5am.  I hope you'll join us when you turn on the TV!


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