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Copy-Cemetery bones stolen for black magic rites

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WWL/CBS) - Reports of people stealing bones from cemeteries in New Orleans have led the Louisiana Attorney General’s office to investigate.

Holt Cemetery is where Keyona Parish comes at least twice a week to make sure the final resting places of her mother, brother and grandfather are well-kept. She was shaken to learn that people have been stealing bones, teeth and other human remains from the graves in the cemetery.

“I think that’s very nasty and disgusting and how would you feel it that was your family? It’s no words to describe that,” Parish said.

In a Facebook post, a woman in New Orleans described how the bones wash up after a rain. She goes on to say Holt Cemetery is where she gets human bones for curse work and spells, then asked if anyone would be interested if she started selling them.

Adam Stevenson, president of the organization Save our Cemeteries said as bad as it sounds, it’s not an unusual occurrence.

“I would love to say that my reaction would be I can’t believe something like this would happen, but unfortunately we see this far too often…” he said.

Ryan Seidemann of the State Attorney General’s Office said that Holt Cemetery is the second place in a week where they’ve dealt with this disturbing problem.

Seidemannn said Holt Cemetery is one of the worst with this problem and there is a lot of turnover in the cemetery. It’s different from other cemeteries in New Orleans in that the people are buried underground.

The remains break down quickly and the graves cave in.

The penalty for such a thing is not as steep as you might think. It is a misdemeanor.

But for the families whose loved ones rest there, it's a crime against the living and the dead.

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