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BLOG: Restaurateur's standard fare - generosity


Usually when I get an email from someone sharing the story of their "Mo’s Hero," it’s just one person’s account of a great guy or gal. But when Veronica Boden wrote about her hero, David Andrews, she wasn’t alone singing his praises. 
People from almost every part of Mint Hill shared with me just how David Andrews touches their lives. 

For Veronica, she crossed paths with David at a very tough time in her life. Her boyfriend had recently died in a motorcycle crash. She was struggling as a single mom, trying to find a job that would work with her school schedule…than she met a man she says, “Has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met.” David, offered a job, encouraged her to stay college, supported her volunteer work, and became a trusted friend. But she soon realized, David, who owns The Hill Bar and Grill, was not just good to her, he is that same guy to everyone he meets. I was only half way through her email when I picked up the phone and had to talk to Veronica.

“My life began to change the minute I started working for David. He did everything he could to help me, from being a shoulder to lean on, to making sure my kids had Christmas when money was tight. But I’m just one person he’s touched. I’m not kidding when I say this man is a hero to everyone he meets. He’s just that all-around great guy you rarely meet. That’s why we have customers at his restaurant who feel like family because they come in every single day. They like the food a lot, but I think they love David even more,” Veronica said by phone. 

I asked Veronica to have some of those who know David to share why they think he’s a hero. My first email was this account from his wife. Read these descriptions of a man, I believe, goes above and beyond to make the lives of those around him better. 

I knew soon after we first met that David was a "helper" and cared for all people. Twenty years later, he's even more giving. Our calls are regularly interrupted by him saying, "Hang on, I'll call you back. Someone's car has broken down. He's the guy who stops, pushes a car and waits for the tow truck with someone in need. He's never met a stranger and is generous with his time, money and emotions. He is often deeply affected by the people he talks to and their stories stay with him - pushing him to take action again and again. When someone is hurting or depressed, he's there for them - listening, supporting and lifting them up. He steps up time and time again for not only those people he cares about, but strangers who need a helping hand. He is quite simply a good man and I'm very proud of him.

Julie Andrews
(David’s wife)

Hello, my wife and I have been going to the Hill Grill since it opened.  We have gotten to know David Andrews over that time period.  Dave is a true Mo’s Hero.  He is very active in community activities such as the Mint Hill Athletic Association and local Blood Drives.  As a business owner he treats his employees like family and helps them out when they need it if at all possible.  He knows many of the first names of the customers and talks to everyone.  The Mint Hill Grill has become a local establishment where people can gather for a great meal and socialization.  We see people we know there all of the time!  We call it our "Cheers".  My wife and I support Dave's nomination for Mo’s Hero completely.

Sincerely, Dan Pries

What a blessing this guy is to all he meets? He finds people clients. He helps out single moms and their children. He never meets a stranger. We are so blessed to call him our friends.

Tracy Ellis

I cannot think of anyone more selfless and giving. Dave has the biggest heart of anyone I know. He goes out of his way to help people in need.

Vicki S.

The Mint Hill Athletic Association honored Dave Andrews as volunteer of the year Spring of 2015. Mr. Andrews is one of the first people to volunteer his services to help the Association any time of the year. Whether it be to cater food from his restaurant The Hill for our golf tournament, sponsor a team, or to volunteer his personal time, Mr. Andrews is the first to answer the call for help for MHAA. MHAA is grateful for Mr. Andrew’s continued service and dedication over the years and we cannot thank him enough for his generosity. No volunteer deserves to be honored more than Mr. Dave Andrews.


JJ Snider, Athletic Director

Dave is the guy in town you are always happy to see.  He compliments your children, talks about positive things going on in Mint Hill, or just has something nice to say.  Mint Hill is a great place because of people like Dave Andrews - the first person to contribute time and money, the first to promote a town event, and the first to show up when you are in need.  I can honestly say that Mint Hill is a better place because of Dave Andrews.

Walter Leaver

Where I start? David has taught me to be more generous. That's for sure. He reminds me every day, in some way, it isn't all about money or what a person has. David, my BFF and my boss believes in: FAMILY AND KINDNESS. He wants to have a successful business, and take care of our neighbors. I slow down, and remember to smile, because that's what we do at The Hill. David reminds me every day what charity is. I am thankful he is my brother.


I wish I could include ALL the emails I got regarding David’s good deeds. What a guy! David Andrews, thanks for giving your time and heart to so many…the world is a better place because of you!

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