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BLOG: Fantasy Football Humble Pie


Some of you might remember, before this NFL season began, I said that I had a gut feeling that this was going to be the year that I broke through and finally won my first fantasy football title.

Well apparently that gut feeling was a bad case of  indigestion.

Another year of futility in two different leagues. 

Oh I knew I was a goner in one of my leagues early in the season, when one of my running backs Reggie Bush blew out his knee slipping on the cement walkway on the sideline at the dome in St. Louis. 

You see that’s the kind of luck I have in fantasy.

But in my other league, I thought this would be my ticket to title town. I had a team loaded with great players for once, and that did not work out either. 

So here I sit already eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. 

I can’t understand it. I’m a doggone sportscaster!

When I go with the numbers, I fail. When I go against the numbers, I fail. 

Good luck to all of you still playing for the money. 

This is my farewell. My swan song if you will. No more fantasy football for me.



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