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Domestic violence survivor wants husband in jail


A 74-year-old woman says she wants her husband to go to jail for beating her. 

Domestic violence cases are complicated and many times it can lead to the survivor taking the abuser back. 

Brenda Armentrout says after 22 years of marriage, she kicked her husband, Dewey Armentrout, out. She says he came back and beat her in the middle of the night.  

This is a case where the alleged attacker is facing 75 days maximum in jail. Brenda Armentrout took the stand in her husband's case for misdemeanor assault, inflicting serious injury.

"I’ve had a several injuries since I’ve been married to him. It’s just been an ongoing thing for 22 years," Brenda Armentrout said. This case is about what she said happened the night of May 11, 2015.

"My husband had a key to the house and he would never give me my keys when he would leave," Brenda Armentrout said.

Dewey Armentrout told Judge Phillip Howerton that he returned the key in April, but Brenda says that isn't true. "He come in on me during the night. It was probably around 12:30 or 1 in the morning and I went to the bathroom," Brenda Armentrout said.  

A doctor visit from June and report shows Brenda Armentrout suffered a concussion from a physical assault.

"He hit me one time in the back of the head and I fell forward and I was unconscious," Brenda Armentrout said. "In my mind I couldn’t open my eyes, I couldn’t’ speak, I couldn’t move but I could think and I thought I’m dying."

It took her days to see a doctor, and Armentrout's defense lawyer says Brenda never called 911.

"I’ve always come up here with the hope that they would stop him from beating me, stay away from me and stop beating me. And he said the only way he could assure me of that is put him in jail," Brenda Armentrout said, explaining why she continues to go to court.

Dewey Armentrout said on the stand he has been in court six times on alleged abuse charges and never convicted. The assistant District Attorney, Donald Rice, corrected Armentrout and reminded him of a 2004 assault conviction.

"I should have stopped it years ago but it’s still not my fault that he beat me, so  I think he should get at least 60 days or 30, or 60 days," Brenda Armentrout said. 

Friday, Armentrout was found guilty by a judge. The Gaston County jail shows Armentrout spent one night in jail and is back out on appeal. 

He wants a jury trial. If he is found guilty the maximum amount of time he could do is 75 days.

A jury trial date has not been set yet. The assistant district attorney says he believes the misdemeanor charge is appropriate based on the evidence, if Brenda Armentrout has more evidence that could be introduced in the trial.  

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