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Don't ignore the auto repair warning smells!

Is your vehicle telling you it needs auto repairs?

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Have you ever been driving and suddenly a strange or unpleasant odor hit your nose? While you shouldn’t panic, an odd smell coming from under your hood could be a sign that you are in need of auto repairs in Charlotte. They are a variety of different warning smells that could be indicating your car needs auto repairs. Our Charlotte auto service technicians are explaining the different smells and what they could mean!

Learn the different auto repair warning smells

There are a number of different parts of your car that put off warning smells if they are failing, malfunctioning or in need of repair. If you ignore these signs you could be in need of hefty and expensive car repairs. Instead of neglecting these warning smells, identify the issue and have it repaired before it costs you more money!

Remove the mystery of those scents and stenches with an auto repair warning smell guide from our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte. The next time you sniff an unusual smell while driving, figure out what is going on with your car! If you sense any of these smells while driving, immediately seek out Charlotte auto repairs.

  • Burning rubber: If you pick up on the scent of burning rubber, it is very likely there is a hose or belt that has come loose and is up against something very hot. It is burning and will need to be replaced. Our auto repair experts can identify the misplaced belt or hose and have it replaced in no time!
  • Sweet syrup: When the appealing aroma of sweet syrup wafts its way from under the hood to your nose, bring your car to our Charlotte Toyota Service Center because you are in need of radiator repair. The sweet smell is an indicator that your car is leaking coolant and there is a problem with your car’s cooling system.
  • Rotten eggs: No one enjoys the stench of rotting eggs, especially when that smell is a sign that your catalytic converter is no longer working. A catalytic converter is used to produce less harmful gases. A catalytic converter in failure is a problem that should be addressed immediately at our auto service center.
  • Gasoline: If your nose picks up on the familiar smell of gasoline there is a good possibility that your car has a leak somewhere in the fueling system. This can affect your fuel economy as well as has its hazards. If you detect the trail of gasoline coming from your car, have it fixed up in no time at our auto service center.

Visit our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte!

Don’t let the stinky smells stick around! If you’re smelling any of these warning smells or any other unfamiliar smells coming from your car, have your car brought to our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte for affordable auto repairs!

To schedule an appointment at our auto service center, give us a call at (888) 378-1214 or visit us at 13429 Statesville Road. We’re located just off of I-77!

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