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BLOG: On the Road with WBTV Sports- State Championships Mallard Creek

Ever went to a football game and felt REALLY sorry for one team because they were getting beat, BAD.  For a very rare time, I felt bad for Greensboro Page as Mallard Creek just blew the doors off them in the 2nd quarter of the 4AA state title game.

In that quarter, Mallard Creek put 35 points on the board behind 5 turnovers (3 fumbles and 2 interceptions).

Chauncery Bowman scored 3 touchdowns on the ground on his way to offensive outstanding performer.

At the half, the Creek led 42-0.  

It was so bad that the referees declared a continuous running clock for the 2nd half.  A running clock in a state title game should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER happen!

Mavericks QB James Smith would be named the most valuable player of the game as he had 3 TD passes and 1 rushing TD.

That was the most one sided state championship football game I have ever covered at ANY classification and it happened at the 4AA.  That says a lot for Mallard Creek.

With a final score of 49-6, Mallard Creek is clearly the best 4AA team in the state... period.  And now they have a piece of history as they join Fike, Richmond Senior, Page, and Independence as the only programs to win 3 straight 4A state titles.  That is rare and prestigious company to be in.  

The list of teams with 4 straight is very short.  Just one...  The Independence Patriots.  And I'm sure that will be talked about a lot before the start of next season.  

But today is about celebrating the champs so congrats to coach Mike Palmieri and the Mallard Creek Mavericks on a job well done.

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