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Panthers owner Jerry Richardson stops to take picture with boy with autism


There’s no doubt being the owner of the number one team in the National Football League can be a busy job, but Thursday afternoon Panthers' owner Jerry Richardson put the busy work aside.

Richardson stopped his golf cart next to a fence to sign autographs for fans outside the Panthers' practice field.

That’s where 14-year-old DJ Mayhew was standing with his mother Cindy.

Cindy has written a book about her son who has autism and is non-verbal. Cindy approached Richardson and asked if she would take a picture with her son and take one of the books about him called, "That’s My DJ."

Richardson obliged and got off of his golf cart to take the picture. He also waited while DJ personally signed the book.

"I’m very thankful for him meeting with DJ and giving him a little hug," DJ’s mother said.

After Richardson accepted the book, he got back on his golf cart and returned to Panthers stadium.

DJ might not be able to communicate his feelings with words, but his smile seemed to speak volumes about how much he appreciated the gesture.


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