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BLOG by Molly Grantham: Another friend, more breast cancer. This one, ironic


I hate what I'm about to write, and the irony in it all.

Katie Robbins, the personality-driven rockstar here on the right in the sparkly hat, is a marketing guru at Charlotte Radiology. She's ON A MISSION to tell the world about how mammograms save lives. I've known her for years. It's her job, but also her heart. She works with breast cancer patients. Every. Single. Day.

Because of Kristen Hampton WBTV's crazy scare last month, Katie got a mammogram scheduled for herself. Sh...

Katie just got results.

She has Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

"Triple negative" is particularly aggressive.

Katie intends to kick its butt.

But it's still news that at first, knocks you off your feet.

Today, Katie has been rocked.

However... this 42-year-old is a determined open-book. If anyone can hang tough, it's her. In fact, after a day of mental confusion and high emotions, she's already rallying us to do SOMETHING.

Katie wants 100,000 signatures by Christmas on a petition that tells Congress to wake up and change the ridiculous recommendations that tell women to wait for their mammogram.


This is the same petition I posted two months ago along with a video about local Survivors. (See that here >>

Katie produced that video.

Katie will also be blogging her breast cancer journey. (Read that here >>

Please don't let it go unnoticed that Katie got her mammogram AFTER holding Kristen Hampton's hand during hers. Kristen was doing a story at the Charlotte Radiology facility about why mammograms are important... as the PR person there, Katie was along every step of the way.

As we all know, Kristen's turned up serious breast disease. Katie is now dealing with actual breast cancer. Neither had any idea.

So, know your body. Check yourself. Knowledge is power.

And forget those recommendations about being 45 years old for your first mammorgram. That's crap. I said that was crap the day the recommendations came out >>

We're with you, Katie. Thanks for already showing us how to handle this with grace and dignity.

**Editor's Note: This article was first published by WBTV Anchor Molly Grantham on her Facebook page.**

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