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'Emotions took over' Dad apologizes for encouraging teen daughter to fight in graphic video


Eight people, including a juvenile, are facing charges after video of a violent beating from a Caldwell County parking lot was seen by investigators.

According to the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office, the video was shot Thursday afternoon in the Grace Village Chapel's parking lot.

The video shows a group of people egging on a teenage girl to beat another teen girl. One of those people was the brother of Hudson Police Chief Andy Day.

In the video, Reggie Day can be heard yelling at the girl on top to "keep punching." The graphic video also shows the teen smack the other girl's head into the pavement several times.

“Emotions took over and I am so sorry for what I said. I'm not the kind of person. I am not,” Day said. 

Reggie Day said his daughter has been bullied for years.

“I took the proper steps and tried to prevent this from happening,” Day said he spoke in the past with the school resource officer and said he spoke to him the day before the fight.

WBTV reached out to officer and the Caldwell County School district regarding Day’s bullying claims, but they have not yet responded.

On Friday, Chief Andy Day told WBTV that he didn't know about this video until Friday morning. He confirmed that it was his brother in the video, but didn't want to comment on the video itself.

According to court documents WBTV obtained Monday, seven people were charged in the case and one juvenile was served with a juvenile petition.

Day was charged with soliciting assault with a deadly weapon, with the asphalt being the deadly weapon. The teen girl was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

The other people were charged with aiding and abetting and simple affray or just aiding and abetting.

Investigators say the video was brought to the attention of a school resource officer at South Caldwell High School, who told investigators about the fight.

WBTV has chosen not to name any of the teenagers involved.

Day’s daughter said, “He said some things he shouldn't have said. But if you really think about, it any other parent would have done the same thing.”

She added the video doesn’t show how the fight was started by the girls who came knocking on the Day’s home door.

“It's natural instinct to protect yourself,” she explained.

And Reggie Day says the video doesn't show how the fight ended. 

“I told her to ask the girl if she was done and if she was done messing with her at school and I said let her up. The girl said, ‘yeah,’ I said let her up leave her alone, let her up. And that's how it ended. They got in their car and they left. We came home,” Day said.

Everyone facing charges in this case is due in court January 21, 2016.

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