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WBTV Speak Out: Challenges Ahead for Charlotte's Leaders

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Time to “Ring in the New,” Charlotte.

Even though it's not yet January 1st, our city’s next chapter has already begun.

There’s a new Mayor in charge, new City Council members, and a new Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board member.

And so, we’re looking for some positive change – ongoing improvements that will set Charlotte up for continued greatness.

Now we like what we’re hearing so far.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts says she’ll find a way to hire more police officers to fight the increase in crime...

And she’ll try to get the “Cops and Clergy” initiative operating to help support our young people…

And she will do her part to make sure all city employees feel valuable.

Those are good first steps. But executing them will be the challenge.

We’re also excited about the new School Board member, Elyse Dashew.

Ms. Dashew vows to eliminate the achievement gap between black and white students.

And she’ll help find a new Superintendent who will make academic achievement happen for all students.

And she’ll do her part to make all schools great.

Now voters hope these new leaders bring energy and a fresh perspective to some old, lingering problems.

Now we implore our newly-elected officials to live up to those expectations and complete the assignment.

There’s no time to waste.

Help make 2016 a “happy new year” for your fellow Charlotteans.

Tell us what YOU think. SpeakOut@wbtv.com

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