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Panthers fans superstitions are super hysterical


Maybe you're like WBTV Assistant News Director Kim Saxon and you simply must have a certain bean dip at every game or the Panthers won't win. 

Whatever your superstition, chances are you truly believe it can make or break the team. 

We posed the question on our Facebook page asking "what's your game time superstition" and got some pretty awesome answers. 

Kathy wrote, "When my husband was around, Panthers were not doing so well. When he was not nearby, they were pounding. Husband got banished!!"

Steve said, "Wearing my 2003 NFC WHITE championship hat. When things go bad, turn it to the right 360 degrees and then back the other way.  I was wearing my BLACK 2003 hat when things were going wrong yesterday. Realized the error of my way and switched hats.  We won, didn't we!!??"

Candace told us, "I've been know to change clothes 5-10 times. If they start playing bad, I'm convinced it's because I have the wrong Panthers shirt on, so I change. Sometimes I have an entire load of laundry to do by half time!"

And Art wrote (and we hope he's kidding)- "I haven't changed my underwear since September.  (maybe i should have private messaged that one.)"

Could it be that the success of the team depends on whatever crazy ritual fans might be performing in their living rooms? Who knows, but who's silly enough to chance it?

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